BERN Hotels is rewarding guests who book directly with 300 free nights


From November 1, 2017, Bern Hotels will reward guests who book directly during the next six months with 300 free nights. You can keep track of the lucky winners in the 32 member hotels via the website or various online channels.


The campaign, initiated by BERN Hotels, shows the importance of booking directly, and also promotes personal contact between guest and host, creating a lasting, closer relationship with Bern. #CloserToBern!



Celebrating guests




Celebrities jumping for joy



Night at the Museum in Bern



Valentine’s Polonaise



#1 Shingo Tsubokawa

We thought that Japanese would not celebrate?


#2 Christian Häni

Even superhero Christian Häni of Halunke is astonished.



#3 André Lüthi

André Lüthi is a real charmer, isn't he?



#4 Chrigel Maurer

Whoohoo, paraglider pilot Chrigel Maurer is very pleased!




#5 Guillaume Hoarau

Have you ever seen Guillaume Hoarau of BSC Young Boys celebrating like that after a goal?



#6 Seraina Guidon

Seraina Guidon is thrilled to bits.


#7 Matthias Sempbach

A royal celebration of Matthias Sempach.



#8 Romaine Müller

Musician Romaine Müller​ has every reason to feel good.



#9 Heidi Maria Glössner

Actress Heidi Maria Glössner could hardly believe her luck.



#10 Graziella Rogers

Graziella Rogers is overcome with joy.



#11 Marc Trauffer

That’s him all over, traditional entertainer Trauffer.



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